A partnership between the Augusta School District and Beaver Creek Reserve.


Become a student and learn first-hand how to conduct scientific research! The school offers a 7th and 8th grade integrated middle school and 9-12th grade high school (with advanced research programs).

Each year 60 students will be accepted to our Wisconsin charter school. Students from any area school district can apply. In the past, students from Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona, Fall Creek, Osseo, New Auburn, Menomonie, Elk Mound, and Eleva-Strum school districts have attended the Wildlands Charter School.

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We host many students, classes, and teachers throughout the school year. Come check us out and see first-hand what Wildlands Charter School is all about!

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Is Wildlands School Right for You?

Our Wisconsin Charter School uses scientific research and project-based learning as the focus of our curriculum. Project learning is based on a constructivist model of learning that engages students in real-world scholarly activity because they get to chose topics that interest them.
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Our charter school is a right fit for you if...

You want to break free from four-wall learning. Wildlands’ curriculum is designed to utilize the whole world as your classroom! Whether you’re exploring biodiversity at a local wetland, building a YouTube tutorial video to teach other students, or interviewing hospital officials during a job shadow, you’ll discover that at our Wisconsin Charter School real learning starts where the classroom walls end.

You have a love for the outdoors (in all seasons). In addition to the wide range of project options available to you right outside our back door, you’ll also develop lifelong outdoor skills. Have you ever wanted to learn to carve down a mountain on a snowboard? What about conducting surveys of seasonal animal or plant populations? Imagine feeling the rush of a river current surging your canoe through the wilderness. Or picture yourself collecting water samples, then analyzing them back in our lab. Imagine twisting and turning through the trees on a single track mountain bike trail, or spending days and weeks working to restore a native Wisconsin wetland. Maybe you’d rather use powerful mapping software to display the topography of habitats, lakes, and trails. Or maybe flying through the air on a 500 foot zip line after completing a high ropes challenge course is more your style. At our charter science school, the outdoors is a setting for adventure as well as learning.

You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own learning. At Wildlands Charter School, you pursue your passions through projects that are designed and driven by you. You won’t hear class bells telling you to drop everything and move on. You have the freedom to determine the best way to develop projects, solve problems, present findings, and evaluate results. Your teachers function as a resource and will provide you with the encouragement and guidance needed to ensure you are meeting all the necessary learning standards.

Your learning won’t stop after high school. Our Wisconsin Charter School is designed to be a launching pad into the next phase of your life! You will develop life-long learning skills driven by self-direction. Technical skills and college preparatory work is seamlessly fused through explorations that you design. The ability to dive much deeper into content than you ever have before will prepare you for collegiate-level discourse. The skills you learn while designing and implementing your own projects will prove valuable in whatever discipline you pursue after high school. From lab coats to Carhartts, Wildlands Charter School will equip you with the skills and abilities needed to succeed after graduation.

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