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Our Wisconsin charter school uses scientific research and project-based learning as the focus of our curriculum. Project learning is based on a constructivist model of learning that engages you in real-world scholarly activity because you get to chose topics that interest you.
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Graphic Art

Posted on March 10, 2012 by Kevin K., 12th

Earlier this year I started playing around in Photoshop never imagining it would lead to a full on project. With what started from a little curiosity, I have developed a semester long project including everything from poster design to printing graphic tees. This project has really led me into something I enjoy. I hope it continues to adapt and develop into something I can use later in life.

Floating Away"Floating Away"
This picture is one of the most labor intensive images I have worked on. I basically started with a blank document and built up everything you see in the picture. I took lots of source images and cut out objects I wanted to have in my final copy. I had to adjust lighting shading and coloring on every object in the photo. None of this was pre-made. The hardest thing to get right was the ground textures. I had to bend the images around to create the illusion of a three dimensional shape on a two dimensional surface. Overall this was my favorite piece that I have created. It really challenged me and my skills in Photoshop.

This was one of the very first Photoshop projects I did. It was a great project to work on because it familiarized me with many of the basic tools of Photoshop. I had to split the original image into separate layers for each section I wanted to paint a different color. I put it all together to create a nice poster sized print of myself.


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In the winter of 2011, Wildlands Charter School students began producing news stories for our website and an electronic email newsletter.

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