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Our Wisconsin charter school uses scientific research and project-based learning as the focus of our curriculum. Project learning is based on a constructivist model of learning that engages you in real-world scholarly activity because you get to chose topics that interest you.
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26 Acts of Kindness Update

Posted on April 19, 2013

                If you missed our last newsletter or don't remember what 26 acts is, it is a way to honor those who died in the Sandy Hill Elementary School shooting by helping the living.  Wildlands is doing one random act of kindness in the community for each of the twenty-six victims of the shooting. Since our last newsletter, Wildlands has accomplished several more kindness acts for 26 acts.

                Our volunteer work at the Community Table in February was covered on Channel 18 news, on February 28.  We brought them supplies students made for their storeroom, and spent the whole day preparing food, serving, cleaning up, and talking with the patrons. Everyone who went enjoyed being able to help out.

                The Polar Plunge, benefiting the Special Olympics, was completed by students Alexis S, Summer V, Maddy M and Felicia D on February 24.  Our team (including two alumni students) raised about $500 for the Special Olympics.  That act also received media attention, as the team was radio interviewed just before we jumped.

                On the 27th of February, we completed several acts at one time when the school had a Community Service Day.  We baked cookies and made fleece tie blankets for the Community Table, but perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the day was assembling care packages for troops over in Afghanistan.  Students and their families bought small toiletries, single serve snacks and magazines to put in the care packages along with letters written by 3rd graders from Augusta Elementary School. Since then, four students have also volunteered at the Augusta Food Pantry, helping put food into bags to hand out to the folks.

                With all of these acts completed, we are now up to #17 of 26. The entire school has been so excited to do so many things to benefit so many different causes. Several students have even been working on continuing volunteer work. It is so uplifting to help others and make a change, even if it's a small one. 


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In the winter of 2011, Wildlands Charter School students began producing news stories for our website and an electronic email newsletter.

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