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Our Wisconsin charter school uses scientific research and project-based learning as the focus of our curriculum. Project learning is based on a constructivist model of learning that engages you in real-world scholarly activity because you get to chose topics that interest you.
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Body Worlds Exhibit

Posted on March 21, 2013 by Mayachel S.

On the 19th of March 2013, the entire Wildlands Middle School and most of the high school took a field trip to the Minnesota Science Museum. We went to see an exhibit on the human body called Body Worlds. The founder of this breakthrough exhibit is a medical doctor named Gunther Van Hagan. This exhibit uses the remarkable process plastination to showcase the human body and its capabilities.

There were several different sections, all focusing on a different aspect of the body. To some, the fact that every part of the body we saw had at one time been a real person was a little unsettling. But it really is a huge breakthrough in science. The bodies that were used in the exhibit had been donated for science. I found it hard to believe it was a real human body because the parts of the body that were displayed in showcases looked unreal.

One of the most interesting things to see was the lungs of a smoker compared to a non- smoker. It was very easy to see the smoker's lungs apart from the non- smoker. The smoker's lungs were black with tar and the non- smokers were milky white with just a few little black dots from dust particles.

I thought that it was amazing that you could go and see a real human body with all the muscles and bones to learn more about the human body.  I enjoyed it very much. If you ever have the chance to see it, it would be well worth your time.



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In the winter of 2011, Wildlands Charter School students began producing news stories for our website and an electronic email newsletter.

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