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Exploring The Windy City

Posted on December 16, 2014 by -Kaitlyn D. 12th grade

One thing that Wildlands seems to be well known for is the amazing trips we have the opportunity to take. This year we went on a trip to Chicago and Madison to learn more about US history. We left November 4thand returned on November 5th. Even though this seems like a small window of time, our itinerary was packed full.

Tuesday, we departed from Wildlands at four in the morning and arrived in Chicago around 10:00am. Our first stop of the day  was the Museum of Science and Industry. We had an onboard tour of the U505 submarine and watched an Omnimax movie on D-Day. After that we visited the famous Willis Tower, where we went up 103 floors to the Sky Deck. After all of this we had a picnic of Giordano's Pizza, the original deep dish pizza, in the lovely scenery of Millennium Park. Then to bring our first day to a close we went to  Navy Pier where most of us admired the sights of the city from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Wednesday was spent in our state's capitol. We arranged a behind the scenes  tour of the capitol, a meeting with Justice Crooks in the Supreme Court hearing room, and visited representative Bernier's office. Once our tour was finished we headed across the street to the Veteran's Museum where a retired veteran led our tour group around the museum.

Our trip to Chicago and Madison was an amazing learning experience to help supplement our U.S. history education with first-hand information you can't acquire from the internet or textbooks. Yet we need your help.

Even though the trip is over we still are fundraising to pay for the charter bus we traveled in.  See the back of this newsletter if you'd like to donate.



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