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Spencer Chipmunk: Mystery of the Missing Mayor (...continued)

Posted on March 25, 2012 by Aly F., 10th Grade

...we continue our story already in progress...

SnakeThe hollowed out log that served as Stella's Diner was hopping with activity. Spencer and Jacob weren't surprised though. Stella's had some of the best food in the forest, especially her pies. Stella's pies won every contest she had ever entered, and Stella made sure everyone knew it too.

The detective and his loyal sidekick entered the diner with stealth, suspecting that their suspect would expect their arrival. Who could tell how many traps would be waiting? But what Spencer saw disappointed him. Everything looked perfectly normal.

The chatter of various animals came from everywhere all at once, twenty-some conversations going on at the same time. Red and white plaid tablecloths matched the curtains on the windows, and even the napkins. Stella Snake was behind the counter in the back, taking the order of a shrew that couldn't seem to decide what he wanted to drink. Next to him also on barstools were a cardinal, a raccoon, and a rather sluggish looking snail.

Spencer walked up to the counter and sat down next to the shrew. After the shrew finally decided on a drink, Stella slithered over to Spencer and hissed, "Ssssay, how may I help you this ssssswell afternoon?"

Spencer leaned forward on the counter. "I was hoping you could answer a couple questions. Tell me, do you know anything about the mayor's kidnapping this morning?"

Stella retrieved a towel from under the counter with her tail and began wiping off the counter top. "Can I interessst you in one of my famousss berry piessss?"

"Maybe. Answer my question and we'll find out."

Stella looked up quizzically, the feathers in her hat swaying with the movement. "What question? You assssked me a question?"

Spencer huffed in frustration. "Yes, the mayor was kidnapped this

morning. Do you know who kidnapped him?"

"I think what you gentlemenneed is a good cup of coffee. I'll go make some fresh and give you eacha cup on the house. And ssssinceyou seem in an awful hurry, I'll make it to-go." Her eyes darkened considerably, and Spencer knewfree coffee was the only thing this snake would be sharing.Spencer was turning to leave when Jacob caught his arm. "Hey Spencer, that raccoon's been eyeing us ever since we walked in."

Spencer casually looked in the raccoon's general direction. The minute their eyes met the raccoon made a dash for it. He hopped off of his stool, his tail knocking over the shrew's fresh cup of coffee, and scampered toward the door. Spencer and Jacob gave chase, but the raccoon was fast and he was out the door before Spencer made it half way across the room. Spencer knew they would never catch up. Than a large "OOF!" sounded from outside the door.

When Spencer and Jacob got outside they found Franky and Freddy the police-geese lying on the ground a ways off with the raccoon sprawled haphazardly on top of them.

"Hold him boys! Don't let him get away!" Spencer called. He just hoped they would hear him in time. The raccoon got up and was about to attempt a run for it, but Franky and Freddy each grabbed one of his ankles and he toppled face first into the dirt.

Jacob ran over, grabbed the raccoon's paws, and held them behind his back. He hoisted the raccoon to his feet and walked him over to Spencer. "I have a feeling this one knows something, Spencer. Should we take him in for interrogation?"

Temporarily ignoring Jacob's question, Spencer walked over and helped Franky and Freddy to their feet. "What happened?" He demanded. "And sum it up as much as possible, I don't think Mr. Raccoon here will hold for long." Franky started, "We were walking up to the diner to get some."

"Doughnuts," Freddy finished. "We came to get doughnuts."

Franky rolled his eyes. "We've been over this; a policeman eating doughnuts is to cliché. We're switching over to cheesecake!"

"When was this decided?" Freddy exclaimed.

"Just a moment ago when I thought of it." Franky replied with a smug grin, clearly proud of himself.

Spencer pushed the two geese away from each other. "Ladies, please! Can you finish this conversation later?! While you two are arguing about desert foods, our forest is still missing its mayor!" The two geese lowered their heads in shame. "Sorry."

"Thank you! Now, can you please tell me what happened? You were coming to the diner to get do-… a snack. Then…"

"Then the raccoon raced out of the diner and ran into us. We all fell, and that's when you and your sidekick walked in." Freddy said.

"That's all I needed to know." Spencer turned to Jacob, who was still holding their suspect. "Jacob, Handcuff the raccoon. I have a lot of questions, and I'm thinking he has all the answers.


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