What does a typical day look like?

At Wildlands middle school there is no such thing as a typical day. Some days we work on outdoor projects, others we are doing speeches, or building models of historical items. We might be on a trip to part of the woods to build habitat for amphibians, or work on restoration projects. We can be found working on our math, or listening to each other present on topics related to our current units. When we get tired of sitting around, we go out for PE activities. A few times a year we are camping, canoeing, or taking trips to cultural activities. If we have a great idea we can turn it into a project and even travel to places to work or learn. Our teachers keep track of our work and progress, and we regularly break into work groups to learn new ideas and bring them back to the class. We are a one room school with grades 7-8 and can be super flexible with our units and projects.

A typical day at Wildlands…? We don’t think we have those.