What are some projects that students
have done in the past?

Students have done projects in all areas of study, here are a few examples: Mapped the Beaver Creek Reserve and produced guides for the public; Made videos to demonstrate a wide variety of concepts, ideas, and school related information; Created cookbooks; Built signs and benches for the trails at Beaver Creek; Published the schools newsletter; Designed the school’s “About Us” web page, Collected the data and created a depth map of lake Eau Claire, Conducted water quality surveys on the lakes on the Chippewa Valley Boy Scout Camp Phillips property, Collected data and created a bathymetric (depth) map of Lake Mitchell in Barron County; Designed and sold hand crafted fishing lures at Scheels; Created 3D models with Cinema 4D a powerful industry standard animation program; Conducted deer population surveys; Worked with a variety of wildlife species in range and habitat studies utilizing radio-telemetry and geographic information systems, Designed and created posters using the Adobe suite of design programs; Conducted anatomical projects in the Lab; Worked with many community organizations in service learning roles, such as the Eau Claire Community Table, Special Olympics, local care facilities, military personnel, and more.