How is the curriculum structured?

The high school curriculum is based around projects that students develop to meet all of their learning goals and requirements. In addition to projects, in some areas of study such as math and foreign language we use blended learning approaches with seminars, online courses, and other resources. A project based school uses standards, learning targets, and personal learning plans to work with students in developing their path through high school. There are requirements to be met each year, and especially in the 9th and 10th grade years students have core subjects to work through to meet requirements. Opportunity, participation, activity, projects, and a wide variety of resources (including many outside of the school day) are the real curriculum, and the guide posts are the state and national standards that all schools use to help students move forward.

Every student must meet the graduation requirements which are set forth by the school district, and Wildlands has added a few beyond those to focus on independent learning, project learning, research, life-long health and fitness, science, and math. Every year is different at Wildlands because the school works around the needs and goals of the current students. The standards and graduation requirements don’t change, but how students achieve them is highly personal and a dynamic process.