Does Wildlands have a lunch program, if so how does it work?

Students have 4 choices for lunch. First, a student may bring their own lunch from home. We have basic kitchen supplies, microwaves, a toaster, a toaster oven, and a traditional oven that all students have access to. Or, a student may participate in the Wildlands hot lunch program, which is run through the Augusta School District. Students can choose 1 of 3 lunch options offered through the district; their choice of 2 different entree items or a sack lunch. Lunches are pre- ordered by the students, and everyday the hot lunch program is delivered to our site. Students and families can put money into a lunch account, which works like a debit account, and each time a student is served hot lunch, or purchases a milk, their account is charged. Wildlands families are eligible to apply for free & reduced lunch prices, just like at any other district.