How does a student get into Wildlands?

All of the students that apply to Wildlands have the same "chances" of getting in. We don't have criteria, other than students need to be at the grade level they are applying for; meaning if a student applies for 9th grade, they should be age and grade-level appropriate to apply for 9th grade.

Once the enrollment deadline has been reached, all of our applicants are sorted according to grade level. The Augusta School Board needs to approve all of the open enrollment applicants (just a procedure thing), and when everyone is approved we can begin the acceptance process. We then have a random lottery process if we have more students than open spots for any one grade level. Anyone who is not accepted is automatically placed on the waiting list in the order they were drawn.

Our number of applicants varies each year, and not everyone gets in on their first try. However, EVERY year we have pulled students off of our waiting list because a spot will open up for one reason or another. If a student doesn't get in on their first try, they are welcome to apply the following year.

Our enrollment documents are on the web site and can be found on the homepage and the application page. Enrollment in Wildlands from outside the Augusta school district requires both a Wildlands on-line application and the DPI open enrollment form be filled out.