A partnership between the Augusta School District and Beaver Creek Reserve.


Become a student and learn first-hand how to conduct scientific research! The school offers a 7th and 8th grade integrated middle school and 9-12th grade high school (with advanced research programs).

Each year 60 students will be accepted to our Wisconsin charter school. Students from any area school district can apply. In the past, students from Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona, Fall Creek, Osseo, New Auburn, Menomonie, Elk Mound, and Eleva-Strum school districts have attended the Wildlands Charter School.

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We host many students, classes, and teachers throughout the school year. Come check us out and see first-hand what Wildlands Charter School is all about!

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About Wildlands Charter School

Wildlands Charter School is one of the few teacher-led schools in the country. Wildlands is a project-based learning school with a research and science focus. Our staff is a functional teachers’ cooperative; our teachers run the school. This includes handling the administrative needs of the school, transportation and all school operations.
Our teachers have far greater creative autonomy than in most schools. This is important because it creates
personal ownership; we are responsible for creating a science school in which families want to enroll.
Though this model of school organization is not readily apparent to most visitors, it is fundamental to our Wisconsin charter school.


Play the introduction video

Wildlands School
Wildlands School - An Introduction

Timeline of a project

Wildlands School
Wildlands School - Timeline of a Project

Parent thoughts 2013

Wildlands School
Wildlands School - 2013 Parent Thoughts

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General FAQ

How does a student get into Wildlands?

Why is Wildlands unique?

Do you need to have a specific interest in science to attend Wildlands?

How is wildlands different from a traditional school?

How do sports in and out of district work?

How many students attend Wildlands?

Can I still do all of the electives that other schools offer?

Does Wildlands have a lunch program, if so how does it work?

What kind of transportation
infrastructure exists at Wildlands?

Is a specific personality type required to thrive at Wildlands?

Where do students go after they
graduate from Wildlands?


High School FAQ

How do grades from project learning transfer to official school transcripts?

What are some projects that students have done in the past?

How can I be sure my child is learningwhat they need for college?

How is progress tracked?

How do students earn credit for
their work?

What does a typical day look like?

How long does it take to get used
to Wildlands learning culture?

How is the curriculum structured?

What are the graduation requirements and how do they differ from other schools?

Middle School FAQ

How is the curriculum structured?

What does a typical day look like?

How is progress tracked?

How is math handled?

What grades are serviced by the middle school?

How much of the learning responsibility is on the students?

How are discipline problems handled?

How are state and national educational standards met?