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Wildlands Gulf Island Marine Biology and History Website

Wildlands students have returned from an amazing week on the Gulf in Florida.  Check out their website that details the entire trip? Gulf Island Trip Website

Where do Wildlands Students go after High School?

People often ask how Widlands students do after high school?  Where do they go?  Does a project based school prepare students for life in college?   Wildlands has a 70+% college and university graduation rate.   Here is a list of schools our graduates have been admitted to, currently attend, and have successfully graduated from. 

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Vermillion College

Northland College

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin Stout

Carlton College

St. Olaf College

St. Scholastica University

Chippewa Valley Technical College

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

McNally Smith College of Music

Carrol University

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Minnesota

Wildlands School Visits (for schools and teachers)

Wildlands will be hosting 3 visitation days geared toward helping other schools and teachers learn about our teacher powered / project based learning / student driven learning culture.  The dates for the spring of 2015 are listed below.  You can click on the links to register.

Jan. 15

March 3

April 16

Interested in Applying or Visiting? (for parents and prospective students)

If you are interested in applying to Wildlands for the 2015-16 school year the enrollment period starts February 2, 2015 and students may apply to Wildlands. The enrollment window closes on April 30th.  

Information regarding how and what to do can be found on our admissions web page. 

Wildlands is hosting several open house / visit days this spring for prospective students and families. If you are interested in learning more about the school please try to attend one of these events.  We have far too many requests for visits to schedule them individually.  

Here is our visit day schedule:

You do not need to register for these days, just arrive at the specified time.

Sunday February 2 from 9am to 11am (Beaver Creek Reserve French Toast Breakfast)

Monday, February 23, from 9:30am to 11am (school is in session, tours, and questions)

Thursday, March 12, from 9:30am to 11am (school is in session, tours, and questions)

March 31st Showcase Night has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts

Thursday, April 23, from 9:30am to 11am (school is in session, tours, questions)

Join a learning community of scientists—

students, teachers, and community experts working on a wide range of projects focused on an even wider range of topics. Our science school is a Wisconsin charter school and a partnership between Augusta School District and Wildlands Charter School.

We believe today's students need options for learning. Wildands Charter School provides students in grades 7-12 with opportunities to:

Develop life-long learning skills driven by self-direction.

Learn in a supportive multi-generational community inquiring into the natural world around us.

Develop their abilities in science, math, technology, English, history, and social studies in a locally relevant context.

Meet the state of Wisconsin's learning standards through the accomplishment of their personal learning plan.

Learn outdoor recreation skills that will last a lifetime.

Research topics that interest the students and relate to relevant curriculum.

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Wildlands School
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Wildlands School - Up Up And Away, Voyage of Space Duck, Low Orbit Science Project

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