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Welcome Back!

School is just around the corner!  Orientation for all new students including incoming 9th graders will be held Tuesday, August 26 at 7:00pm in the classroom at Wildlands.  

First day of school is September 2nd.  See you all then!

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Join a learning community of scientists—

students, teachers, and community experts working on a wide range of projects focused on an even wider range of topics. Our science school is a Wisconsin charter school and a partnership between Augusta School District and Wildlands Charter School.

We believe today's students need options for learning. Wildands Charter School provides students in grades 7-12 with opportunities to:

Develop life-long learning skills driven by self-direction.

Learn in a supportive multi-generational community inquiring into the natural world around us.

Develop their abilities in science, math, technology, English, history, and social studies in a locally relevant context.

Meet the state of Wisconsin's learning standards through the accomplishment of their personal learning plan.

Learn outdoor recreation skills that will last a lifetime.

Research topics that interest the students and relate to relevant curriculum.

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Wildlands School
Wildlands School - An Introduction

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