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Congratulations Wildlands Seniors, Graduation and $223,000 in Scholarships Awarded!

On May 25th the Wildlands School senior class graduated and headed down the trail to their next destinations in life.  We couldn't be prouder of these young adults who truly represent a bright future and unlimited potential. 


Brookelynn Barnett --- Northland College, Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology

Caleb Berthiaume --- CVTC, Paramedic Program

Brett Hansen --- U of M Rochester, Health Sciences, PreMed

Leo Plewa --- St. Olaf College, Pre-Med

Zoe Plewa --- St. Olaf College, Pre-Med, Philosophy

Abe Tinker-Sackett --- UWEC, undecided

Nick Wood --- UW Stout, undecided

Esme Ziehr --- UWEC, Pre-Nursing


Schools out for Summer!

Wildlands students are heading out for the summer after a great year!  Have a great summer everyone, rest, relax, recharge, and get ready for another amazing year....


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Students, teachers, and community experts working on a wide range of projects focused on an even wider range of topics. Our science school is a Wisconsin charter school and a partnership between Augusta School District and Wildlands Charter School.

We believe today's students need options for learning. Wildands Charter School provides students in grades 7-12 with opportunities to:

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Develop their abilities in science, math, technology, English, history, and social studies in a locally relevant context.

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Learn outdoor recreation skills that will last a lifetime.

Research topics that interest the students and relate to relevant curriculum.

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Friday, December 15

Middle School showcase, highlighting this year's accomplishments so far.
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